Allergy Awareness Training

Berger Food Safety Consulting works with restaurants and other food service establishments to help develop operating procedures to serve allergic people safely.  From menu analysis and development to developing cooking procedures that insure an allergy free meal for your guest.  The loyalty of allergy suffering people to restaurants and businesses that do the job right is well documented, they tend to limit their dining to one or two places!

Allergy Awareness Law:

As of February 1, 2011, every certified food protection manager is required to obtain the "Massachusetts Certificate of Allergen Awareness Training." The training consists of watching a 30-minute video and signing a statement indicating that the student has watched the video. Due to the Massachusetts regulations Berger Food Safety is not able to issue the certificates.

The certificates can only be issued  by three state approved vendors who charge $10 to issue the certificates. These vendors are: Berkshire AHEC; the Massachusetts Restaurant Association; and CompuServe.

There are several options for the food protection manager to obtain the "Massachusetts Certificate of Allergen Awareness Training":

Option One:

We show the required 30 minute video during our 8-hour (Gold Standard) Food Protection Managers Certification classes. As we cannot issue the actual certificates due to regulations put in place by Massachusetts, we will provide the students with the documentation they will need to submit to Berkshire AHEC who in turn will issue the certificates by mail. The documentation must be submitted to Berkshire AHEC with a $10 payment. The documentation may be mailed directly to them if making payment by check, or can be emailed or faxed to them if making payment by credit card. It is entirely up to the student to mail the payment and form to Berkshire AHEC and to follow up with Berkshire AHEC. All we can do is show you the video and hand you the form!

Option Two:

Berger Food Safety can also provide a private training for your staff by coming to your business at dates and times that are convenient to you. The fee is $300 for the class plus $10 per person attending the training within the I-495 belt.  Outside of 495 would be more expensive due to travel. Please contact us for quote.

Option Three:

You may do this training on-line. There are two vendors that you may choose from: Berkshire AHEC* They will issue the certificate by mail within 10 business days; Servsafe*  The certificate is issued electronically immediately after the online training training;

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