Food Safety Training

Does your company need food safety training?

Do you need training in HACCP plan development? 


Are you looking for an introductory food safety seminar for new employees? 

Do you have a few employees in need of personal hygiene training?

In addition to our Managers Food Protection Certification Classes we can provide training for managers or foodhandlers for specific variances, SOP's  or any type of food safety and sanitation need.

Our most popular seminar is our standard Food Protection Managers Certification Course food safety training classes that can be run in different formats. (Open or Private) We also conduct seminars for non-managers that satisfy the requirements for staff training.

The second most popular course is our “Food Safety 101″ seminar for all new and experienced food handlers. “Food Safety 101″ reviews food safety basics such as how to prevent cross contamination, proper personal hygiene, safe temperatures and proper procedures for cleaning and sanitizing.

We also have a program for non-managerial staff that would benefit from a hands-on training rather than sitting in seminar.  We call it, “Hands on!” in which we would “show” your staff how to do certain things in the kitchen.  These include but are not limited to: showing staff how to set up a three bay sink, how to use chemicals properly, proper hand washing demonstration and proper calibration on a thermometer.

Custom Seminars:

Training sessions can be customized to your needs or can be one that covers your establishment from front to back.  And, all food safety training sessions can be conducted in English or Spanish.

"Food Safety 101"

$400 plus $10.00 per person for materials

“Hands On!”

$440 - $800
Other Custom Training: 1 hour:  $300 plus materials 2 hours: $450 plus materials 3 hours: $600 plus materials 4 hours: $750 plus materials