Our ServSafe Classes

Our Manager’s Certification classes with the ServSafe Certification Exam are for those being certified for the first time and those who need to renew their expired certification. These classes are pretty entertaining as the instructors are very good at what they do and somehow keep everyone engaged throughout the entire class. Check out the video clip from one of our classes or read on to check out the qualifications of our instructors, some reviews, what makes our classes unique and the differences between the Gold Standard classes and Fast Track Silver classes.

Gold Standard Classes

The Gold Standard is the most popular choice and highly recommended if you have not been certified before. The food safety knowledge you will need to pass the ServSafe exam ranges from common sense to very technical. The longer Gold Standard class gives more time for the instructors to help review subjects that will be on the exam. The Gold Standard includes the Textbook (Food Safety for Managers), 6 hours of lecture, videos and activities, lunch and the ServSafe certification exam.  A red star denotes the Gold Standard Spanish classes which uses ServSafe para gerentes textbook The entire class (lecture, videos and activities) is conducted is Spanish.

Fast Track Silver Classes

The Fast Track Silver is a much shorter class that is best suited for those who are already familiar with the regulations or those who are willing to study hard before getting to class. A good example of who might take this fast track option is someone who was certified in the past or someone willing to read the entire textbook before coming to class. Without this pre-study, most folks will fail no matter how good the instructors are, you just can't learn what you need to know in 2 hours. The Fast Track Silver includes the textbook and 2 hours of review followed by the ServSafe certification exam . Don't forget, we have a great online course and exam. Just follow this link!

Take the Exam Only - No class

If you don't need the 8 hour class or the 2 hour review you could opt for the exam for $89-99 any time Monday through Friday between 9 and 3pm (please see the exam info page)
Priced from $89

In Massachusetts and most other states  all a manager has to do is pass the exam.  There is no requirement as to how they get the knowledge to pass.  How you  study is up to you.  Since you have a choice, take a minute to review the information below. These classes are not a commodity, you are putting in the effort, so why not go with the best?

Our neighbor, Rhode Island does require 8 hours of training along with a special application fee to the state. Follow this link to the Rhode Island State website information.