Managers Food Protection Private Classes

We can provide the same fun ServSafe class (yes, our instructors actually make food safety fun!) as our open food safety classes at your establishment. It will be tailored to your operations and will be presented at your business to your employees. The class can be taught in English or Spanish.  Many companies find that it saves time and often saves money to train on site. Employees don't have to travel, you know who shows up, and the private food safety class is all about improving your food safety practices.

The ServSafe certificate will satisfy your state's regulations as well! The private class is less expensive than the open class if you have more than 10 students to train. There are a lot more details in the drop down bars below. If nothing else, check out the "What Training is Right for me tab!

The cost of a private class is a combination of a fixed, single fee for the instructor and a per student fee that covers the textbook or online class, the in-class workbook and study materials, the ServSafe exam and the ServSafe Managers Certificate (assuming a passing grade of 75%). The class is available in 4 different formats: The most common is a single day, 8 hour class which is exactly like our open Gold Standard classes.

This private food safety class includes 6 hours of lecture, activities, and video followed by the 2 hour exam session. (Some people use the entire 2 hours for the ServSafe exam while others are done in 30 minute).

Some businesses opt for a 4-hour class, that includes 2 hours of review followed by the the exam period. Another option is you can also do an 8-hour class split into 2, 4-hour days. For some jurisdictions we have a 15 hour class that is taught in 2, 8-hour days. If those options are not enough we can customize something for you easily.

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