Robin Williams BS, CP-FS, REHS, RS

Professional Biography

Robin Williams brings a wealth of experience to Berger Food Safety Consulting with her years of experience in the military sector, the regulatory sector and the private sector. She has seen it all and done it all.

She has worked with Berger Food Safety Consulting for 10 years and has developed many loyal clients like Gillette Stadium , helping to insure their distinction as the only NFL stadium without a critical violation in the last 2 years. Whether you need training or regular audits, Robin will offer her broad experience to your business.


  • University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Amherst, MA
  • Bachelor of Science, Food Science, Minor: Chemistry, December 1998

Certificates and training:

  • Shellfish Plant Sanitation Standardization (FDA), December 1993
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and Retail Food Store Sanitation Code (FDA), October 1992
  • Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist (Advanced) Course, October 1992
  • National Restaurant Association ServSafe Applied Food service Sanitation Course, September 1992
  • Food Protection Certification Program (Center for Occupational and Professional Assessment), August 1991
  • Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist (Basic) Course, June 1987
  • Certified Professional – Food Safety (CP-FS) May, 2007
  • FDA Special Processes At Retail 9/13-14, 2010
  • FDA Plan Review FD207 4/26/2011 – 4/28/2011
  • TUR Planner Community Conference 4/14/2011


  • Senior Environmental Health Inspector City of Newton, Newton, MA.• Responsible for enforcing state and local code regulations
  • Investigated public health complaints from city residents
  • Help educate workers in health and sanitation issues
  • Recommended hearings, fines, and restaurant closings
  • Cunducted housing Inspections
  • Assisted other inspectors in reduction of workload
  • Food Inspector Supervisor Fort Leavenworth, KS
  • Prepared and conducted in-service training for food inspection activity
  • Provided technical guidance to subordinate personnel
  • Accurately interpreted and disseminated current laws, policies, and procedures to inspectors
  • Scheduled duty rosters for personnel
  • Created job descriptions, set standards, monitored and evaluated performance criteria
  • Provided counseling for individuals and in group settings
  • Recognized for expertise in pork inspections netting price adjustments for the U.S. governmentProcurement Quality Assurance Inspector Hamburg, Germany
  • Conducted origin subsistence procurement inspections of carcass beef, pork, poultry, and shell eggs valued at more than $17 million annually. These inspections covered more than 35,000 square miles in Northern Germany in support of the Department of Defense off-shore Procurement Program
  • Performed pre-operational sanitary inspections on commercial facilities
  • Effectively utilized proper channels and procedures to report violations of food wholesomeness, animal disease, and food establishment sanitary requirements
  • Food Inspector, Fort Benning, GA
  • Reviewed laboratory test results for product requirements
  • Performed inspection of subsistence to determine compliance with contractual requirements
  • Recorded contractual deficiencies and initiated recommendations for corrective actions
  • Developed, organized, and directed the food recall program