Plan Reviews

We offer full plan review for new construction or remodel of existing restaurants. A thorough plan review is essential in making sure that you are in compliance with all health department requirements and therefore avoiding costly and timely mistakes. By reviewing and making recommendations for architectural plans, food service equipment, menus and all sanitation policies, we can identify potential problems BEFORE costly purchases, installation and construction begins. Many times we have been hired as a restaurant is getting ready to open only to find out they were supposed to submit a plan review with their health department. You have to move that sink, add another, tear down that wall.... it is a nightmare and twice as expensive. Many towns and cities are starting to have plan reviews signed by a CP-FS or RS before they even look at them. Berger Food Safety can work with your existing plans and make sure you are in compliance with the food code and that you include everything the health department is looking for.

Not only can we review your plans for accuracy and compliance, but we can assist with health department approval by representing you during the entire process of the plan review.

Plan Review

$200 per hour
Most plan reviews are between $1200 and $3000+, but it is entirely dependent on the size, the complexity of the design and the amount of the involvement needed with you and your health department.