Food Safety Links

Here are some resources that may be valuable to your business

FDA Story Boards and posters in multiple languages (no reading skills required)
Products to help with food safety programs such as food rotation labels,
thermometers, color coded cutting boards and tongs.
FoodHandler’s complete line of disposable gloves, aprons, headwear and storage bags protect your customers from the threat of foodborne illness.
KatchAll has a line of innovative products for both the professional and
The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation is the educational arm of the National Restaurant Association.  ServSafe Educational Materials, and many other food safety links can be found here.
Distributor of Purell Instant hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs without water or towels; leaves hands feeling soft. Contains 62% ethyl alcohol.

Government Portal for lots of information regarding food safety.

Massachusetts State Department of health and Human Services
This web site is intended to provide local boards of health with tools to aid in their investigations of foodborne illness complaints. In addition it contains general information about foodborne illness for consumers and industry.

The CDC portal to tons of information on food safety. The mission of CDC’s Food Safety Office is to lead CDC’s food safety programs to prevent illness, disability and death due to domestic and imported foodborne diseases. They collaborate with and support other CDC organizations with focus on attainment of food safety program plans, goals and objectives.

The Massachusetts Restaurant Association

The Massachusetts Restaurant Association, founded in 1934, now has 1500 Food and Beverage members and 500 Associates. Our purpose is simple:”To support, promote and enhance the food and beverage industry in Massachusetts for the benefit of both our members and the public.”

  • The FDA’s 2009, 2005, 2001, 1999 &1997 FDA Food Code
    The Federal Government’s “latest and best scientifically based” advice for a uniform system of regulation to ensure that food at retail is safe and properly protected and presented.
  • USDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Educational Materials Database (National
    Agricultural Library, USDA)
    A compilation of food worker education materials developed by universities, private industry, and local, state, and federal agencies. This includes training materials for the management and workers of retail food markets, food service establishments, and institutions.
  • The ABC’s of Safe and Healthy Child Care (CDC)
    This comprehensive handbook includes these food safety practices and fact sheets.
  • Cooking for Groups A Volunteer’s Guide to Food Safety (FSIS)
  • GAO Report – School Meal Programs: Few Outbreaks of
    Foodborne Illness Reported (available in PDF) (GAO)
  • Poisoning in general from chemicals to food,  the page has all sorts of useful links and information related to all types of poisons, and their prevention and treatment.