ServSafe Exam

So you think you're ready for the ServSafe exam? It is more difficult than it was just 5 years ago so make sure you spend some time studying. There are a bunch of changes between the Food Code 5 years ago and the Food Code used today and the questions are more complex. If you are comfortable that you are ready for the exam, let's get started. In most states, like Massachusetts, to become a certified manager in food protection or to become re-certified you must pass one of the 5 nationally accepted exams: the ServSafe exam, The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRSFP) exam, Learn2Serve, Above Training or the ProMetrics exam. It is the same exam whether you are re-certifying or taking the exam for the first time. We offer both ServSafe exams and the NRSFP exams as they are both accepted nationwide. The exams are multiple choice questions with 80-90 questions on each exam. You must score 75% or higher to become certified.  Please be aware that in some jursdictions a state, county or local authority may require a certain amount of training in addition to passing the exam. Always check with your local jurisdiction to be sure of the requirements for your state, county and town haven't changed. (Or we can help you figure it out!)

ServSafe Exam Notes:

Both the online and written exams must be administered by an approved proctor (which means you can't take an online exam at home, alone - I know, that's a bummer!). Written exam results are available in 2 weeks. Online exam results are available immediately.

To take the written or online exam at our office, or the "online at home" option ServSafe exam only (no class included), follow the link below to  register.

ServSafe Exam Pricing

$89 when taken at our office or $99 with the "at Home" option
or we can come to you for $300 for the first student, and $89 for each additional student
To take an online or written exam at our Boston office please use the link below. The online exam is available in Spanish, Chinese and English. You can get the written exam in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French Canadian, Japanese and large print English. Many people choose to attend one of our Food Safety for Managers Online  to increase the odds that they will pass the exam! Use the button below to head to the registration page for both exam only and class included options.