The heart of the matter

You have the equipment, you have the systems, you have the talent, now you need to create a cohesive team all on the same page. It is time to make food safety a way of life, not an extra chore that should be done when we are not too busy. BFSC can help your staff buy into the importance of food safety, with on-site traing specific to your operation .


Our most popular seminar is our well-known Food Protection Managers Certification Course,  followed by the ServSafe exam. These classes are available in both English and Spanish. We also conduct seminars for non-managers that satisfy the requirements for staff training.
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Our ‘Choke Save’ class is compliant with the Choke Save training required for all Massachusetts food service establishments with 25+ seats. Even if there is no requirement for this in many jurisdictions, your staff can save a life with the skills learned in class. This Class is taught by a certified Red Cross CPR/AED  First Aid instructor.
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Food safety training for non mamagerial employees is critical for all food establishments, and we have two options.
Food Safety 101 is a classroom-style class that teaches food safety basics such as how to prevent cross-contamination, proper personal hygiene, proper procedures for cleaning and sanitizing, safe temperatures, and more. “Hands On!” is literally a “hands-on” course. The instructor will teach your staff how to set up the three-bay sink and test the sanitizing solutions, how to calibrate your food thermometer and even how to properly wash their hands.
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Food Safety for Managers (FSM 2020) is the only online food safety class you can use on all your devices: desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, smartphones, or just about any mobile device, Mac, Windows.. it’s all good here! Both the Online Course and our textbook are an excellent preparation tool for the ServSafe Managers exam.

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We’ll work with you on creating and/or improving your food safety culture that will reinforce your vision and ultimately reduce the risk of a foodborne illness outbreak or health department closure. This includes developing motivation strategies, teaching you how to train new and existing employees, and learning how to inspire your employees, creating a win-win situation.


Allergy training for all your employees
is critical in the prevention of an
allergic reaction. Employees who are trained in the seriousness of
allergens can mean the difference between life and death for your customers.

Your allergy-suffering guests will feel confident when dining in your restaurant when your employees understand what items contain any of the nine allergens and how to prevent an exposure.


Developing a HACCP plan for a specialized process is the first step in getting the plan approved by your local jurisdiction. The final step is ensuring your staff understands and feels confident in their ability to carry out the plan. It doesn’t matter how good the HACCP plan is, if the employees cannot demonstrate their ability to follow the procedures, you will not be allowed to conduct the process. A simple plan takes some basic training, but a fairly complicated plan deserves several hours of on-site training.


Everyone on your team will buy in once you buy in. It starts at the top. Your motivation might be avoiding law suits or doing the right thing and we will reinforce both.

Custom Training

We have the staff and expertise to create a trsining plan for any food safety situation.  We work with both retail and wholesale organizations to customize training to fit your needs. Local health departments have hired us to train their staff on changes to the FoodCode. Conferences have hired us to speak on technology in food safety. Please let us know how we can help your business keep the world safe from food bourne illness.
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